Our Wellbeing Evening was a great success because of all the wonderful therapists that came and shared their skills for free!

We have compiled a list of their contact details (click on their links to find out more) – should you wish to connect with any of them.

Katie Welsford – Reflexology, Reiki & Aromatherapy Massage. Based at The Chamomile Clinic, Margate.

Helen Price – Reiki.  Based at the Chamomile Clinic, Margate.

Donna Robbins – Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Advanced Massage, Reiki.  Based at The Chamomile Clinic, Margate.

Sian Forrest – Body balance, Massage, Reiki. Based at the Chamomile Clinic, Margate.

Neil Smith – Pilates, Neil runs 1-2-1 sessions at his home studio and group workshops at the Chamomile Clinic, Margate. New courses beginning September!

Michelle  – Aromatherapy Massage, reflexology – Michelle’s Therapies 

Mounira Almenour – Yoga. Local Yoga classes at Hawley House, Margate Open Space Yoga

Barbara Marks – Shiatsu. Based at the Chamomile Clinic, Margate. Also at her home clinic –  email: lakebelowmountain@talktalk.net

Pam – Ear Acupuncture – www.pamelacolby.com

Charm Elakil – Medical Herbalist and Nutritional Therapist. Wholistic Medicine.

Susan Longhurst – Juice Plus