mindapple (mīnd-ăp-´əl) • n.
a day-to-day activity that is good for your mind

Thank you to everyone who submitted their mind apple suggestions for us to share at the Wellbeing evening.

Our Winner is simply: Smile, Swim, Sleep, Shit, Sing.

There was a general theme throughout – we like fresh air, fun, friends and food!

More wonderful mind apple suggestions in no particular order…

Speak to a friend; laugh; finish jobs/tasks to feel at ease, weight off shoulders; declutter/get rid of junk; relax – bath – deep breathing.

Drink plenty of water; make sure i get a walk every day; eat well – lots of fruit and veg; do something nice/good for someone; do something nice/good for me.

Try not to get bogged down with negatives; smile & laugh & have fun; enjoy fresh air and exercise; think about the good things I have in my life; don’t take things too seriously.

If you would like to learn more about mind apples please visit their website; www.mindapples.org