Our July meeting really was ALOT of fun!

Our members were taken out of their comfort zone as we attempted a group session of Vogue Chi led by Performer and Vogue Chi originator Carlos Maria Romero. We catwalked our way around the basement of Cliffs, following Carlos’ instructions we cast aside our inhibitions and our members whole heartedly threw themselves into the workshop – it really was a wonderful evening, A big thanks to Carlos who made a special trip from london where he is taking part in a performance piece at the Barbican before Vogue Chi is hits Berlin this weekend!  More info about Vogue Chi below.

Vogue-Chi mixes movement and principles of both Tai-Chi and Voguing* -a spectrum of dance styles and theatrical forms inspired in fashion- to create a dynamic, self-affirming, meditative group practice. Vogue-Chi is a queer movement therapy that uses catwalking, voguing vocabulary, learning how to use energy via word reclamation, bending of social performativities, among other exercises. Vogue-Chi facilitates a collection of spiritual tools historically developed by LGBTQ+ people to engage positively in life and overcome institutionalized oppression, invisibilization and abuse.

Vogue-Chi encourages its participants to fully find new versions of themselves whilst exploring unconventional beauty and shameless self indulgence in a loving and safe environment. It offers a gentle work out for the soul and a good stretch for the mind.