Our Groups

We have a growing number of sub-groups for members to join and meet like-minded ladies. Click on each to learn more and sign up.

The Turner Group

The Margate W.I. has a close relationship with the Turner Contemporary Gallery. in 2015 we were asked to host a special event where visitors were asked to create a badge to adorn a dress-suit for Grayson Perry, who was exhibiting in the gallery at the time.

More events and collaborations are planned for 2016 – join us in this happy marriage of art and the W.I.

For more details on how you can get involved please contact Jo Bridges.

Art and Craft Club

Do you like making and crafting. Join us to learn and share crafty skills. We will have lots of ongoing projects throughout the year. Contact Amanda

The Swimming Group

Many of our members are already keen Walpole Tidal Pool swimming enthusiasts.  If you want to join us for a social swim and other beach based activities please contact Jo Goodson.

The Culinary Collective

This group is of those who love food, cooking and drinking.  It is early days for this group and we are seeking to engage our members to develop it depending on what our collective culinary desires are.  If you want to join this group, please contact Lorraine.

Book Club

‘If you love reading and want to share books and not all read the same book every month, join us for booky fun on the 3rd Monday each month at The Hussar Garlinge. Bring a book to share ‘ contact is Bev Whitehead at margatewibookshare@outlook.com

The Cinema Club

Please join our cinema subgroup for regular trips to our local Margate Cinema with the gals.

For more details on how you can get involved please contact Annette Murphy.